Monday, September 06, 2010

Sunugan: Battle of the Twin Towers

Sunugan: Battle of the Twin Towers is one of the most awaited events and another history in the making. Imagine this: Fliptop battle MCs will team up against another set of battle MCs. Yes, thats Dello and Target (both from different camps) will do battle against Loonie and Datu (another individuals who are also from different camps) Plus, Batas (Kampo Teroritmo) will be announcing his partner of his choice and still no announcement on whose going to be his/their opponents are. In addition, two female MCs will also battle it out and that is RLyn vs Jammy and 12 more will also join the prowl to destroy and make each others' life a living hell in one night only.

By the way tickets are already sold out!

So ticket holders, take good fuckin' care of your ticket/s! Someone might snatch it.

Dello and Target speaks

Loonie and Datu speaks

Batas and ??? vs ??? and ???

September 11 is the date and mark your calendar because few more days left and it's on! Event will be held at Club 650 near Shopwise Libis, Quezon City! Be there and see them do battle and make them feel "No Excuses."

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