Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Response

May Sayad Nga by Mike Swift feat. Francis M.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas has been Cancelled

The first compilation for Christmas has been released through the web in courtesy of Shots Fired Entertainment entitled "Christmas Cancelled", features the artists of SFE (Shots Fired Entertainment) and for the first time, combining all SFE artists such as Ckatorse, PriceTagg, Sagpro Crew, Darren Brownchild, Armas ng Lias, Batas, Target, and Tinyboy at the same official compilation. This one is up for grabs and one for the road for 2010.

2011 here we come!

Shots Fired!!! Brrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppp!!!

Track list:

1. Ako at Ako Lamang - Brownchild and Armas ng Lias
2. Mga Praning CKatorse feat. Price-Tagg
3. Tirador - Batas
4. Aking Pangarap - Brownchild
5. Quatro - Abunai and Hotsauce
6. Tell Everybody - Tiny feat. Ms. J
7. Dyablong Makata - Hambog
8. Target - Ako Naman
9. Isisi Mo - Carlito and Popot
10. D--k Ko ay Mas Heavy - CKatorse
11. Hardcore - Armas ng Lias
12. Xmas Outro