Friday, September 10, 2010

Walang Puso Official Music Video - Don G. Belgica

Finally! The first ever music video of the leader of the most feared rap label in the country is already in the internet and it’s spreading. The track is about unleashing hell to the rap game in the Philippines but even though hell is already unleashed but this track is a sign to unleash more hell. Never ever stand in the way of Don G. Belgica, he might just use you as a stepping stone or just an addition to his résumé or just victims for short. This video may be a sign for the gangsta rap to stand up to its feet one more time since 90's era. We are getting sick and tired of Hip-Hop today on how some of the new artists is ruining the art. Hmm, let's say in the U.S. we see Soulja Boy just disrespect the hell out of gangsta rap pioneer Ice T. Well if you're a hiphop fan and true about it, you will also feel how Ice T. felt about Soulja Boy. Did you get it? How about this one, in the local rap scene, 80's and 90's Hip-Hop fans and artists versus today's jejemons. Now you can breath...

So as I speak about the video, the people who dares to stand in his way, well actually there is already and all of you know who you are. "Walang Puso" music video also tells us even if you're going down at the first steps towards to your can still overcome the odds no matter how many it is. You will work your ass to push through to the top and make these critics of yours kneel.

Watch out for the next upcoming music video of Don G. Belgica entitled "Legend Killer."

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Jeric said...

abangan ang
Legends are made..
pero wla patay sila sa
Legen killer..
hehe alang sense :))