Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tiny Montana Presents Reyalidad Mixtape

Tiny Montana's upcoming Shots Fired debut Mixxtape entitled "Reyalidad" will be out soon. Mixtape also features some artist such as Ms. J and La Union artists Naughty Dawg and Ckatorse. You won't regret buying a Mixtape from us. Every Shots Fired Artist is worth it.

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Reyalidad Track List
1. Bulag
2. Kulturang Totohanan
3. Reyalidad
4. Worth Fighting For
5. Gonna Tell Everybody featuring Ms. J
6. Kasalanan
7. Akin Ang Gabi, Sayo Ang Umaga featuring Naughty Dawg and Ckatorse
8. Kwento
9. Sa Aking Pag Gising featuring Ms. J
10. Em Ay Si

More Previews!

Underground St. - Tiny Montana

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