Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Never Heard Will Be Heard...Again

How to deal mindsets in this motherfuckin’ rap game? It’s like dealing with the new mixxtape by CKatorse of Dilang Kanto, Dongalo Wreckords, and Shots Fired Entertainment entitled “RAMBO SEASON EP”. The masterpiece has been constructed for 4 months at 12:21 Studio in La Union, special thanks also to Naughty Dawg of Dilang Kanto. It contains more sensitive punchlines and metaphors compared to the first EP of Ckatorse the “The Never Heard Kid EP.”

I’ve talked to CKatorse while doing this write-up and according to him he’s not planning of doing any kind of mixxtape which is so boastful and raged type music. But then again, he likes it when somebody is giving their respective negative conclusions after hearing his shit. He planned this mixxtape for not just showcasing his talent, but also to build his own legacy as an artist for the rap industry. He said “Mas pinapalakas ako ng musika ko kung may mga negatibo akong naririnig, Di bale ng sabihan ng wack, basta alam ng mga may utak ang utak ko”. This one should be called The First Bomb of 2011 in courtesy of Shots Fired Entertainment, so haters watch out. Don’t blame us! Blame the people who believe in us.

Expect the unexpected, he will once again prove himself to the people on how to be the greatest, especially to the critics. Everybody will now know that CKatorse is the Prodigal Son and greatest invention of Don G. Belgica. 2011 here’s the first bomb of Shots Fired Entertainment and Never Heard Kid will once again be heard!


Track List:

1. Intro
2. Bakat Ng Aking Bolo
3. I'm Ill
4. Sabik
5. David and Goliath (Skit)
6. 6 ft, 7 ft (Remix) featuring Benj
7. Mga Praning featuring PriceTagg
8. Di Ito Pelikula (Remix) - Don G. Belgica
9. Touch D' Sky
10. Sakin Ka Mag Adjust
11. Tawa
12. D**k Ko Ay Mas Heavy
13. Pass The Weed featuring Thug Team
14. Di Kayo Sikat featuring Marquiz
15. Mano Mano


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