Thursday, November 04, 2010

You Know Me Official Music Video by PriceTagg

The San Fernando Sunshine from La Union finally made a debut music video for Shot Fired Entertainment. First CKatorse's EMO (Every Minute is On) music video also fired up for the rap label itself. The point is, both individuals are from La Union and the fact's Northside thing.

PriceTagg started rapping by the age of 13 and he is also a freestyler. He used to live in Mandaluyong City but due to hard life, he did some crazy stuffs a while back. Crazy stuffs which will make the authorities look for you, so his (PriceTagg) parents were forced to send him home back to San Fernando, La Union. Well when you do crazy stuff in one place and you'd also do the same thing to another place. Right?

But one day he realized that he needs to some time to hit the studio to fire up his tracks, so he hustled hard for money to be able to survive on this game. Then it all started with the track entitled "You Know Me" and he also used it as a demo track which he sent to Shots Fired Entertainment's leader Don G. Belgica. He recieved a message from him (Belgica) that states "You're're a Shots Fired artist now".
But before that, there was a time that Don G. Belgica went to La Union to attend an invitational gig, and there was PriceTagg with his group "Outlawz" performing on stage. He shouted to Don G like "Don G!!! Panoorin mo to" and they hyped the crowd like it was no tomorrow.

He's major influences in foreign rap music is 2pac, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Cam'ron, Yung Buck, Slim Thug and T.I. while in the local scene there is Andrew E., Francis M., Pikaso, D-Coy, Krazy Kyle, Krook and Jolo. But according to him when he suddenly heard Don G's track "Ligaw Kriminal" and some of his old tracks since THE OMERTA PROJECT, he (PriceTagg) was like "Man! this kind of shit is what I'm lookin' for! For the long time! Now that's Gangsta shit!" Because PriceTagg stated that Don G has spread the word to the streets and he is very lyrically heavy to his music and has the punchlines to add up the recipe. He also mentioned no one here in the Philippines is like Don G. Belgica.

Because of Don G's influences to PriceTagg, check out the video. It was based on everyday life of PriceTagg in San Fernando, La Union. Gambling, drinking alcohol, making money from the streets.

Shots Fired is growing and we are consisted on what we do and we are the best in world on what we do...

Shots Fired!!! Brrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!

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