Sunday, July 04, 2010

"Birthdate” Being the Key to Success

Everyday is our birthday…you wanna know why? Because we woke up every morning and we are very grateful with it. Speaking of birthday, this is no ordinary birth date. This is the day you’re gonna realize that Shots Fired Entertainment website (under Blogger) is born. You can say gangsta rap will return, well my answer for you my friend is YES! A very big fuckin’ YES! The label (SFE) is all about the streets, I mean lyrically street. No good vibes but true people, nothing fancy and glamorous about our MC’s music, just lyrically street and true.

I would rather respect and an MC whose knowledge is much known to the underground than a sell out rapper in the mainstream. There are different kinds of rappers who already reached the world of fame. Some of them forgot where they came from, but some of them not. A rapper who never forgot his/her roots are the kind of MC’s who has no intentions to be famous, they are just good on what they do and they still look back on the past and being proud of it. Some of them even wanna witness the on what’s happening today in the game, and some of them not. Because they already reached their respective peak and no need to check out what’s up, they have are too busy nowadays to their big breaks and obligation or shall we say “putting food” on the table for their families, that’s how you define SUCCESS!

Speaking of success, the birth of Shots Fired Entertainment’s label and website would be the key for its artists and crew to be successful and to survive to this kind of game.

Welcome to our website!!!

SHOTS FIRED!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaapppp!!!

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